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Our artisanal studio designs and produces cashmere garments. Each model is designed in line with the classic style of quality knitwear, while also being modernised to suit the latest trends, giving each product a timeless but contemporary flair. Playing with volumes, shapes and colours, we can make traditional garments more current, turning them into real must-haves: one example is turtlenecks, an iconic garment worn on various occasions by Marilyn Monroe, who was a great lover of cashmere knitwear.

Our pullovers, available in numerous colours, are soft to the touch and enveloping, always comfortable and refined: easy to wear, suitable for both day and night. In fact, for many stars, managers, and sports men, it has become an indispensable item in their wardrobe and they are even worn at events of a worldly scale; for example the "slim fit" blue cashmere sweater was worn by Germany's  CT Joachim Loew during the World Cup games in South Africa, or the more classic pullover that was worn by the FCA manager Sergio Marchionne.

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